I loathe Facebook.

At the risk of sounding like a hipster, I first joined back in the early days, when you still needed a “.edu” email address. It was fun for a short time, but as more and more people I knew joined the more exhausting I found the whole thing. It was just too much to keep track of, too many people that I didn’t really feel compelled to stay connected with but was under obligation to now that it was so easy. There was too much potential for drama.

So I deleted my account about six years ago, and have never once experienced a single iota of regret about it.

But today I created a new profile, because I know it’s a necessity. If I want to have any – and I do mean any – success as a self-published writer I need to be accessible on a platform that a lot of potential fans use. So I bit the bullet, created a profile and started setting up a page. They’re pretty bare as of now, but I’ll be adding stuff to them over the next couple of months so build a base before I launch the book.

I actually planned for this a while ago. When I set up my Goodreads account, I did it under my publishing name because I wanted to have an established profile, especially since I plan to set up an author page. I posted a few book reviews and am now starting to add friends.

Remember when I said how much I hated networking?

I like the social aspect. I’m actually very active on Twitter, and have been for a long time. It’s my primary method of keeping in touch with people. But it’s very, very different when you’re using it for self-promotion. Everything about it just feels skeevy to me. I realize this is something I’m just going to have to get over, but don’t expect too much activity on my social media accounts for a while.


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