I’m back, bitches.

It’s been a long time. A long time. I haven’t posted a blog or updated the website in a month. So today I’m going to give you a Great Big Update!

To the North is now finally available in paperback from Barnes & Noble! I was starting to get impatient with this. When I signed up with CreateSpace and chose the expanded distribution option, it said it would take 4-6 weeks for the book to become available at retailers other than Amazon. However, several blogs and message boards I perused had said that it actually only took a few days to show up on B&N.

What’s really agitating is that CreateSpace does nothing – nothing – to notify you when your book becomes available by booksellers. So I just had to Google my title and ISBN every few days and look for results that weren’t tied to Amazon or Goodreads. It’s the same agitation I had with Smashwords when I published Grime. They didn’t provide any links to any of the retailers that were offering the book, so I had to search their sites one-by-one to figure out who had it. It’s tres agitation.

But, at least the big wait is over. I’ll probably still search for other retailers, but B&N is the one I was most concerned with.

I am currently sitting pretty on 4 reviews on Amazon for To the North. Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to read and rate. It really means a lot to me – and I’m already seeing the impact.

You may recall that on Christmas and for the two days that followed, I set To the North as a free download on Kindle to try and drum up some interest. Over those 3 days I had 12 downloads. The book had just been released, so I had no ratings yet.

Well, I released it for free again today, and by midday I had 8 downloads – more than I got on any of the first three days, and with 12 hours still to go. I have to presume that the star ratings are making the book more visible and enticing, so thank you again!


Just because I haven’t been updating this website doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. The fact is, I’m working on the second book in The Villages anthology right now.

That’s right. Another book. I’m going through all of this again. Already.

Because I hate myself? Not really. It’s all part of the greater plan. I want to get the next book in the collection out ASAP because I don’t think I can really effectively market To the North until it has one of its companion pieces. So, cue To the East! So far I’m about a fifth of the way through the first draft. There is still a lot to write, and I suspect the editing process will be much more strenuous on this one, but I’m plugging away at it. My goal is to have it published in September of this year.

In some ways it’s a lot easier. Having already published a book (well, two, if you’re getting technical) and seeing that the world didn’t collapse around me, it’s not quite as daunting as the last one. But, on the other hand, there’s more pressure on this one. It’s the sophomore album.

The whole idea behind The Villages is that each story is self-contained. They don’t share any major characters, the plot of any one book does not effect any other book, they are not sequential. But, they do all take place within the same world, and so I find myself comparing To the East to its big sister constantly. The story skews a bit older, its plot is more intimate, the pacing is a little slower. But every paragraph I write, I find myself thinking, “Is this too much like/not enough like TtN?”

So I’m trying to just get it out, just release the story and worry about all that stuff later. It can be fixed in post. But I’m second-guessing myself a lot more with this book than I did while writing the last one. It doesn’t flow as steadily as To the North did in the last couple of months.

It’s been a little stressful, trying to find the balance between keeping the momentum going with the first book while writing the second. But I’ve still got a little fuel in me yet, so I’ll ride it out.


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