Last night I finished editing “Grime”, the first novella I’m going to publish through KDP. Today I’m making the cover art.

Now, a lot of people will shake their heads at this. “Rookie mistake,” they’ll say. “If you want a professional product, you have to hire a professional.”

Ah, yes, but see, I am a professional. I’m a graphic artist by day. So, bonus! I get the exact cover art I want, done exactly how I want it, and all it costs me is my own time. Which is great, because the visual is hugely important to me. Just as important as the story. In fact, and I’m only slightly ashamed of this, I had already designed the cover art for both digital and print copies of To the North before I was even half finished writing the book.

For me, it’s a great way to step back from the drudgery of writer’s block without losing focus on the story. I’ve had a lot of story ideas come to me while working on the art and other presentation materials. It keeps me motivated on finishing the story, because I can see the finished book in my mind’s eye.

I’m on track for my goal of having “Grime” published by the end of the month. I’m hoping accomplishing that mini-goal will help keep me on track to get To the North out there by the end of the year. I think that’s the only way to take on something this daunting – to break it down into smaller pieces and get each thing done one at a time.


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