Okay. Here I go. I’m doing it.

Earlier today I finished (for the most part) setting up my Facebook and Twitter pages, then I made the initial announcement on my old Twitter to let my friends know about it. That was mildly nerve-wracking. But it’s done.

Now I’m getting “Grime” ready for publication.

The first place I’m getting stuck is assigning keywords to make the story searchable on Kindle. What do I think people would be looking for that I think this story would satisfy? Dickish protagonists? Self-loathing and misplaced anger? Cursing?

I did the math, by the way. “Grime” is almost exactly 1% curse words.

Right now what I’m trying to figure out is how to format the text messages in the story the way I want them. KDP conversion doesn’t take kindly to the text formatting I put in Word, so I’m going to have to be a bit creative so I don’t lose readability.

One other thing I’ve learned while going through this process today is that I can’t publish for free automatically on Kindle. The lowest possible price is 99ยข – but apparently, if I upload it for free to another eBook store, I can try and get Amazon to price-match. Since it’s only a 30 page story, I hope this isn’t too difficult. But it also means I can’t promote it as available for free just yet! One more part of the learning curve.

Now that I’m actually getting ready to launch my first story, it feels like a bit more of a big deal than I told myself it would be. Yes, this is just a novella and not a full-length book. Yes, this is a story I chose specifically as a tester. Yes, I am planning on writing and publishing many, many more so I don’t have to put any pressure on this one, specifically.

But still… it’s going to take an internal pep talk to click the final button once I’m done with this process today.


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